Immigration Form Preparer

Naturalized citizen process is about 6 months once paperwork is filed with immigration, amount to file is $680 including fingerprints, my fees $250.   If you need any documents translated to English, marriage certificate, birth certificate there will be an additional fee of $50.  

I-130 to petition a family member if a petition is for a brother, sister, mother, father it will take 10-14 years for relative to receive visa or green card, if you are a us citizen and petition for mother or father the process will be much faster about 6 months to a year.  amount to file is $420, our office fee is $2,400, the first $600 is to submit I-130 along with filing fee of $420, in 3 months the 2nd payment is $600 to submit the waiver of inadmissibility or the person, along with filing fee of $585, in two months 3rd payment of $600 is due to submit the affidavit of support and the DS-260 required by National Visa Center along with $88 filing fee for Affidavit of support and $230 for the DS-260 questions pertaining to all address petitioner/applicant  has lived or worked.  The last payment of $600 is to set up Visa Interview with National Visa Center at the Consulate where interview will take place.  This process will usually take from 7-11 months depending on each case criteria.

I-90 is to request for an expired or about to expire green card or to replace a lost green card, amount to file is $450,my fee is $200.

N-600 application for certificate of US Naturalization   , filing fee is $600,  our office fee $200. 

Deferred action Dreamers Act ,filing fee is $465, our office fee is $200. any document that needs translation will be $40


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