Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Bankruptcy will help with all your forms to file chapter 7, I am not an attorney will not give you advise but can help you in the process of your bankruptcy and explain what forms you will need to wipe out most of your debts to get a new and fresh start in your credit.

Chapter 7, fee for either one is $700 that includes bankruptcy court filing fee and my fee, plus charge to run your credit report with all 3 credit bureaus, plus one set of forms to file at bankruptcy court and one set for your copy,  you will also need to take a credit counseling class over the phone or internet and file proof of completion when paperwork is to be filed at court, you will also have to take a second credit financial class after you file for bankruptcy the court will give you 60-90 days to take the second class and proof of completion must be filed at the court or your bankruptcy case will be dismissed. 


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